You can go Home Again
You can go Home Again

After more than 20 years being retired and living in the boonies of NW Florida on five secluded acres on a half mile dead end with nothing but acres of pine trees across the dirt road, we decided it was time to return home. We are accustomed to very little traffic, deer, black crows, ferrel hogs, and other wildlife on almost a daily basis.
We were headed for central Florida, below Orlando where we had decided while on a vacation was gonna be our retirement home. While stopped at a campground for the night a water logged tree branch fell on our motorhome causing a small amount of damage but making us have to stay the weekend before having our insurance check it out. Since I needed front brakes on the motorhome I used this time to have that done right in the campground by a young man living in the nearby small town.
With time to kill and a little Ford Escort getting 50 MPG we drove to those small towns, Lake Wales, Frost Proof, Haines City, St Cloud, and others in the area. We knew there were many car shows and cruise nites around the Orlando/Kissimmee area yet didn’t want to live near any larger cities anymore. In the five years since we were there many changes that we didn’t like happened. Our circle of searching got smaller until we started looking right near the campground in the Suwannee River area.
Our plans were simple. Find a few secluded acres to raise our adopted grandson, a place to store and work on several classic cars, and have piece and quiet. No mobile home and no pool or dirt road. All for a price we could afford after selling our home in the midwest.
After looking at only two other mobile homes we found our little piece of paradice with a pool and a large elevated deck. . Well a mobile home on a dirt road on a dead end road can be paradice, especially with a two and half car garage, pole building for three cars, and a work shop and green house, all in a park like setting. The people here are very friendly making us feel at home.
We’ve always lived in a small midwestern town on small city lots. Five acres is not really much. We finally realized that we were getting too old to care for the home and land so were planning on buying something small with not much lawn to care for. But the more homes in our bracket we looked at on the internet the less we wanted to leave.
Our oldest son was elected to check out the few places that seemed suitable. Even at twice what we could afford there was nothing we liked. I told our son I temporarily gave up. Within hours I found our new paradice back in the midwest. Only half acre but behind it is nothing but farm land and only eight homes total on half  to one acre lots on a one lane paved lane, Memory Lane. Like living in the country yet in the city limits.
I had my son go on line and check it out. We couldn’t believe the price or the condition. He called the realtor who informed him they already had an offer but we could make one offer. Like a fool I offered only $100 over the list price. The very next day it was ours! We own a house we’ve never really seen.
Found out later there were a few problems. The septic was defective and under sized, the water line ran over the drain field, the washer ran outside someplace else through a sump pump, and other septic problems. No one has lived in the house for over a year so the county really couldn’t tell if the system was good or bad other than the obvious problems. What are we gonna do? Again we were in luck. The seller not only agreed to have the septic system and water line repaired, they ended up agreeing to a new proper sized system be installed in the back yard and the old one out front filled in. This is not a cheap thing to do.
But we lucked out even more. The little old lady who was now in a nursing home had two new unused beds and like new dining room and living room furniture. A bank was handling the estate for older relatives who didn’t want to mess with heavy furniture in now cold weather. We offered to buy the living room sofa, two chairs, and dining room set. “Let us know when you get ready to sell”, we told the banker. A week before closing son found out we could have those things for $600. But there’s more! They didn’t want the nearly new washer/dryer in the basement  or those two new beds and several dressers in two rooms. Would we mind getting rid of them? We accepted and they gave us the old grandfather clock and probably most of the lamps and end tables, etc.
Basically a furnished house for half the going rate with new septic with large attached covered patio and two car garage. It gets even better. Three of our children and the few friends left all live within miles of the home we finally found. Two couples I worked with live within a very short walking distance. A new highway bypass is less than a mile which will take us to the mall, Wally World, and more restaurants etc. than we will ever need.
Yes you can go back home! But not till spring. We ain’t that dumb. It’s cold now in the midwest and I’m gonna go sunbath in my bikini.